SC SAAN RUTTRANS SRL was founded as a result of the association of SC RUTTRANS SA from Romania and SAAN INTERNATIONAL BV from the Netherlands. The establishment of the company is certified on 19.08.2005 under the name of SC SAAN RUTTRANS SRL and represents a significant landmark in the field of rental of construction equipment with dedicated staff (especially truck cranes) as well as transportation of general goods nationally and internationally.

The company focuses its main activity on the execution of lifting works with the help of lifting installations (vertical transport) and the transport of general goods in the national and international regime (horizontal transport), thus supporting construction companies in the realization of civil and industrial objectives and infrastructure.


The management of the company is strongly oriented towards the strict observance of the legislation (ISCIR PT R1,) regarding lifting installations (mobile cranes) and the logistics-equipment necessary to carry out an activity so that the safety of the lifting installations, the serving staff (mobile crane/load binder), the staff the client, the client's goods or third parties to be a major priority before any other even compared to that regarding the achievement of a reasonable financial profit

In this sense, the management of the company has made sure that the company's employees have ISCIR authorizations, issued by the competent Romanian authority ISCIR, as well as professional auto crane certificates issued by the competent authority in the Netherlands, following the completion of professional training courses in this country. Also, the personnel who serve vehicles intended for the transport of general goods have the appropriate professional certificate and the vehicles have the licenses corresponding to the carrying out of the goods transport activity

Through the quality policy, the management of SC SAAN RUTTRANS SRL has established that the SAFETY OF ITS PERSONNEL AND EQUIPMENT, together with the SATISFACTION of our CUSTOMERS, are major priorities of every employee of the company and all our actions are directed in this regard.